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No matter where you are located, we hope summer is off to a good start. While you are finding ways to beat the heat, we have been hard at work on new releases, machining new items in the workshop, updates to products, and a new warranty policy.

All new timepieces come with an exciting, new lifetime warranty, starting with any models shipping from after July 1st, 2022. We are proud of the products we produce and want to provide premium service to our clients. Celebrate accordingly!

As usual, we enjoy taking things into our own hands when possible to help us have creative control of our watch production from start to finish. All cases moving forward will be machined in-house by Cameron Weiss himself. This is a huge undertaking - from the literal 16-foot bar of metal we cut cases from itself and figuratively, too.

These limited editions will be shipping in our brand new, elevated packaging. While we haven't shied too far away from our brand staple wood box, we think you'll be as excited about the new experience as we are.

There is new art outside the workshop, thanks to Jason Skinner, and we invite you to come visit the installation in Wedgewood Houston!