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Given our current queue of work, we have a 2 week waiting period for repairs at this time. Please wrap your timepiece carefully and ship it securely and safely inside of a disposable cardboard box that will be thrown away. Failure to provide proper repair information will cancel the processing of your repair. 


Please take a moment to fill out the information below regarding the specifics of your service inquiry. Please note: all fields are required.
By clicking the checkbox below, you confirm you understand and agree to our Warranty Repair Policy. You will receive an email with further instructions on how to ship the timepiece into us once the intake form has been received.
  • Full Service (Year 3-5)

    Complete Maintenance Service (Year 3-5):

    After 3-5 years, the mechanical movement can begin to show decreasing accuracy. This is due to evaporation of lubrication in the movement gear train and escapement. The Complete Maintenance Service is a paid service that is recommended at this interval and is a comprehensive service that restores your timepiece to its best possible state. The Complete Maintenance Service and replacement parts are covered by a two-year warranty. This process, which takes 12 weeks to complete, includes:

    • Separation of the movement from the case
    • Separate hands and dial from movement
    • Complete disassembly of movement
    • Pre-cleaning of movement parts
    • Inspect all parts of movement and repair or replace worn or damaged parts as required
    • Ultrasonic cleaning of disassembled movement parts
    • Assemble and lubricate movement to proper specifications
    • Fit dial and hands to movement
    • Test and regulate movement before casing up
    • Complete disassembly of case parts
    • Ultrasonic cleaning of case parts
    • Re-assemble case with all new gaskets and seals
    • Mount movement in case
    • Control movement functions and regulation of timing
    • Complete case up and perform complete water resistance testing
    • Final inspection quality control

    This service is required for any timepieces with broken crystals, damage to the dial or case, and water damage. Component replacement can cost extra.


    • $585 for Standard Issue, Standard Automatic Issue, and Standard Diver
    • $685 for American Issue
  • Water Resistance Service (Year 1)

    Water Resistance Service (Year 1):

    A water resistance service is ideally performed every year, to ensure the proper function of your timepiece by checking and restoring water resistance and maintaining the integrity of the case parts and movement. This process, which takes 10-12 weeks to complete, includes:

    • Perform complete water resistance testing
    • Timepiece evaluation for additional service recommendations
    • Optional disassembly of case parts
    • Optional refinishing of case parts
    • Optional ultrasonic cleaning of case parts
    • Optional replacement of all gaskets and seals
    • Optional control movement functions and regulation of timing
    • Final inspection and quality control


    • $185 for Standard Issue, Standard Automatic Issue, and American Issue
    • $235 for Standard Diver
  • Diagnostic Testing or Warranty Service

    Service Estimate:

    Diagnostic testing will be performed to determine unknown issues or request service under our warranty program. Please read our warranty policy thoroughly before sending your timepiece into us.

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
William Tracey
Great experience

Not sure why winding stem broke but you fixed it quickly and I love the watch

Charles M.
small issue

Had a small issue with the crown being loose. I mailed it in and received it back in about a week good as new! Love my Weiss watch

Edwin Gehefer
Watch service

Got the watch back when expected and it’s running great like new.

Ryan Wynn
Service for watch

Service completed as requested by me. Very satisfied with repair!

Michael H
Fast and Friendly

My Standard Issue Field watch had a problem with the winding mechanism. While I was disappointed that the watch needed service less than a year after buying it, I was impressed and delighted with how fast Cameron and Whitney made things right. This won’t be my last Weiss timepiece. It’s a pleasure to support an artisan company that makes a great product and take great care of its customers.