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We are not accepting repairs until the new year due to our current order queue, and we recommend utilizing a certified watchmaker via AWCI in the meantime. Thank you for your understanding!

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  • Full Service (Year 3-5)


    Complete Maintenance Service (Year 3-5):

  • Water Resistance Service (Year 1)

    After 3-5 years, the mechanical movement can begin to show decreasing accuracy. This is due to evaporation of lubrication in the movement gear train and escapement. The Complete Maintenance Service is a paid service that is recommended at this interval and is a comprehensive service that restores your timepiece to its best possible state. The Complete Maintenance Service and replacement parts are covered by a two-year warranty. This process, which takes 8-12 weeks to complete, includes:

    • Separation of the movement from the case
    • Separate hands and dial from movement
    • Complete disassembly of movement
    • Pre-cleaning of movement parts
    • Inspect all parts of movement and repair or replace worn or damaged parts as required
    • Ultrasonic cleaning of disassembled movement parts
    • Assemble and lubricate movement to proper specifications
    • Fit dial and hands to movement
    • Test and regulate movement before casing up
    • Complete disassembly of case parts
    • Refinishing of case parts
    • Ultrasonic cleaning of case parts
    • Re-assemble case with all new gaskets and seals
    • Mount movement in case
    • Control movement functions and regulation of timing
    • Complete case up and perform complete water resistance testing
    • Final inspection quality control

    This service is required for any timepieces with broken crystals, damage to the dial or case, and water damage.

  • Diagnostic Testing or Warranty Service

    Water Resistance Service (Year 1):

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Sean Denham
Recent service

Service and repair was covered by the warranty. Good communication and responded to all my emails. Glad to have this timepiece back om my wrist.

Stephen Sparkman
Well Done - Excellent Service

I bought my Weiss Watch (which is awesome and I wear it regularly) ) through Allen Edmonds, which offered a limited edition "Artisans of Freedom" version. The watch had stopped for some reason and Allen Edmonds would not return my inquiries about warranty repair. Regardless, I reached out to Weiss, and even though I didn't buy the watch direct from Weiss, they diagnosed the problem and repaired the watch at NO CHARGE. I truly appreciate the no charge because they said the watch had stopped due to an impact. I don't know what I did exactly, but I've learned certain activities (such as wearing while working at our ranch) may not be suitable. Anyway, I appreciate Weiss standing behind their product.

Ron Smith
Watch repair

I don't know why my watch wouldn't wind, but Weiss took it back and made it work within a week. I'm very happy with my Weiss watch.

Benjamin Lancto
Fastest turnaround for watch service I’ve experienced

Super fast, really helpful, great communication, all around awesome

Thanks guys!

Awesome work, though a little more communication would be appreciated

I was very happy with my service overall. The problem I had was fixed, and even the slight tarnishing on my watch hands (which wasn't what I sent it in for) was polished up so the watch looked brand new again. The only thing I thought could be improved was the communication during the process. Aside from my tracking number I had no confirmation my timepiece was received, and received no communication except for the return shipping email with a tracking number, even though it took several weeks longer than the high end of their estimate. It would have been nice to be told what the root of the problem was in addition to having my issue fixed. I'm still very happy with my service for the most part and still think it was pretty great on the whole.