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At Weiss, we design and build watches that are made for everyday adventures.


Individually assembled by hand, our practice merges timeless techniques with modern technology to bring you watches that are built to look good and last. And with every timepiece perfected by a Swiss-trained and certified American watchmaker, the quality of every piece is something we’ll always stand by.


While we’re all about respecting timeless watchmaking techniques, we love nothing more than bringing what’s new and now to you. Our design process goes something like this: each component is drawn by hand, then engineered, prototyped, inspected, measured, and tested before it’s made for you. The result? Timepieces that are the epitome of fit and function.


Machined from single blocks of 316L stainless steel, every case, crown, and buckle is finished with quality in mind. Skilled craftsmen work tirelessly on the front and back of every case, utilizing high-polish, straight graining, and circular graining techniques that optimize light play. Dials are constructed from a special brass alloy for durability. Last but not least, final dials are painted first with color then with text and topped with hand-pressed sapphire crystals.


Designed for 24/7 wear, every movement is selected by Weiss, then jeweled, finished by hand, and plated. Incabloc shock protection protects the balance wheel pivots.


Hand-decorated before each piece is assembled, our process is so intricate our sub-assemblies are made up of even smaller components. Each mechanical movement is made up of over 100 parts and powered by a spring that runs a gear train of wheels. What’s more? There are no batteries, circuitry, or computer chips involved.


We assemble and finish every piece under the careful watch of a Swiss trained master watchmaker. Dials and hands are married to each movement and perfectly aligned. Once we’re finished, we secure each movement inside the case – all while following strict quality controls.


Every Weiss watch takes over 60 hours to create and is crafted to be a trusted everyday heirloom. Inspired by American ingenuity and integrity, we take care to ensure that every edition surpasses historical standards; and with proper care, a Weiss timepiece will last for generations.