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The Weiss Story

We merge timeless techniques with modern technology to create effortless, everyday watches.

1987 – 2005

Cameron Weiss’ fixation with watches started at a young age. His parents liked to say he slept with a watch on his wrist and actually attempted to fix his first watch at the ripe age of 5.

For his high school graduation, Cameron asked his parents for some thing outside-the-box: watchmaking tools and watchmaking books. They happily obliged, supporting his creative vision wholeheartedly. Cameron set off to study business at the University of Southern California with a goal to bring his watchmaking vision to life.


After USC, he attended an apprentice-style watchmaking program. This full-time, two-year program taught him the art of repair and how to hand-make watch parts on lathes. Next, he went on to receive further certifications with Audemars Piguet and Vacheron Constantin in the US and Switzerland.


After 10 years of perfecting his craft, he launched Weiss Watch Company with his now-wife Whitney and Labrador Jules by his side. The first ten timepieces took over 300 hours to hand-finish and assemble in his dining room.

Today, Weiss Watch Company is still a family-owned company (although the business is now run in a state-of-the-art workshop instead of an apartment). Each watch is designed and built from start to finish by hand, merging old school techniques with modern technological advances. We’ve also got Swiss-trained and certified American watchmakers on board, ensuring that every step of our process is top-notch.

And the best news? Cameron is as obsessed with every detail now as he was when he first began his watchmaking journey.