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Friends and Clients,

These last two holiday seasons have not been without challenges. I thank you for your support and grace as we try our best to keep items in stock despite unexpected delays. We are still able to fulfill all our 38mm pieces for you by the holidays if you order now. 

This past year, we have enjoyed settling into Nashville & renovating our workshop. Our children remain a daily fixture around the workshop. We love seeing their curiosity as they learn more about all the working parts inside of a watch. We are proud of our 38mm Automatic Issue Field Watch and our collaboration with the team at Tanner Goods, which sold out in under 2 days. We feel lucky to keep making my dream company come to life. Thank you for joining our journey!

Listen to me chat all things watches with comedian Dean Delray on "The Grail", a podcast featuring makers all over the world.

With Gratitude,