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Making our USA made Caliber 1003 is a meticulous, multi-step process. The first run of Caliber 1003 is inside our sold out American Issue Field Watch, a closed edition of 50 timepieces.

Below is a photo of a drill bit while machining one of our components for CAL 1003 magnified at 10x. Each hole pictured is about the size of a grain of rice. 

We machine 16 pieces of stock material during one operation. These freshly machined mainplates for CAL 1003 are now ready for finishing & assembly. These are only one part of what goes into each timepiece, and several other parts are cut on the same machine from similar steel or brass bar stock.

Caliber 1003 off the machine

Currently with the Caliber 1003, we work with several local manufacturing partners to machine the minuscule screws and wheels. 

Below is a photograph taken through the watchmaker's loupe during the first assembly. Each movement must be assembled twice. The first assembly is for fitting and finishing, and the second assembly is for final, clean assembly where the oil is applied to places in precise amounts.

Caliber 1003

The Swiss hairspring is hand-cut and connected to the American balance cock, which is made in our studio.  

Balance cock

During this final, clean assembly, oils are applied directly onto the movement.

american made watch movement

Each movement then enters days of quality control testing before it is cased up.

The timepiece is cased up and tested again before it is ready for shipment. A Horween Shell Cordovan strap is put onto the timepiece and off it goes to a client!

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