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If you are trying to figure out what to get as a gift for this holiday season, here are some of my favorites. Some of these items I already have, and some I wish I had can be found below:
  • Danner BootsI have hiked in my Danner Boots all over California and to the most northern tip of Washington state. I am excited to wear them to many more destinations. They're perfect for anyone who enjoys the outdoors and can be rebuilt when needed.
  • Freenote Cloth Jacket: It is starting to cool down at night, and I like to go camping. This is the perfect weight for windy California evenings, & it's made locally.
  • Jeans: I want a second pair of the Rogue Territory best-seller, the Stanton. I can wear them at the studio and to work on my truck. There is a reason they have a cult following - they're really that good. I also like that they are made in Los Angeles.
  • Knife: This Benchmade knife is titanium so it's nice, light, made in the USA, and easy to carry and have with you all the time. 
  • Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon: This is almost harder to get a hold of than a timepiece using CAL 1003!
  • Patagonia WetsuitI just ordered a Patagonia Wetsuit on Black Friday so that all my purchase goes to a good cause to support our planet. Their wetsuits are made of recycled polyester and natural rubber in place of neoprene, which is far more environmentally friendly than traditional wetsuits. 
  • Schon DSGN Pen: Ian Schon designs, engineers, and produces each pen himself in Massachusetts. They are simple and well-made.
  • Socks: Boot socks are key for snow camping in California, or if you live up north you might need them more frequently than just out camping. These American Trench socks are knit in Pennsylvania, and it gets cold there so you know they are good.
  • T-shirts: I have a classic, simple wardrobe stocked with well-made items, and Groceries Apparel t-shirts are definitely a staple. They are made here in Los Angeles of eco-friendly materials.
  • UUNI Pizza Oven: When I first saw this on Huckberry, I lived where I couldn't fit a pizza oven. I still don't live somewhere I can have a pizza oven, but maybe I can fit it in the van to take camping... 
  • Wallet: Time for a new wallet this year and Cordovan is the way to go. Tanner Goods is a great place to pick up leather goods made in Portland.

Happy Holidays,