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We are delighted to announce our timepieces are now available at MR PORTER. MR PORTER exclusively stocks our popular Limited American Issue Field Watch - Blue. Our Limited American Issue Field Watch is limited to just 200 pieces and features our American made CAL 1003 movement that is machined in our studio. Each timepiece takes over 60 hours to complete and is hand-finished and assembled by our founder and master watchmaker, Cameron Weiss.

In addition, our American Issue Field Watch - Green,  Special Issue Field Watch - Latte, and classic 38mm Automatic Issue Field Watches in Black and White as well as many accessories are now available on the MR PORTER website. Our Automatic Issue Field Watch features an automatic mechanism and is the casual companion to your everyday outerwear for fall. 

Read more about our newest retail partnership and why you should buy a watch made in LA on The Daily | MR PORTER.